Key Frames: Treetops

This Key Frames video profile takes a look at the brief history and current status of Wellington’s D.I.Y skatepark, Treetops.

Tucked away behind Wellington Zoo, the aptly named Treetops has become many local skaters’ new favourite home away from home. In recent years this empty car park has become established as Wellington’s go-to D.I.Y spot. Like all good things, there’s always people behind the scenes putting in the hard work, in this case a special mention goes to Fred Shallcrass who fundraised the initial money to get Treetops off the ground, along with Tom Culy, Diego Casal, Sam Palmer, Lee Corleison and anyone else who continues to contribute obstacles to Treetops.

Created by Manual Magazine with support from Mountain Dew New Zealand

Directed by: David Read
Edited by: Connor Hill
Filmed by: Connor Hill and David Read

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