Corona x Manual: Lost In The Bends

When Corona heard we were taking a classic Summer road trip up the North Island they were quick to get on board. They even offered us their fully loaded Airstream to bring along for the ride.

Our only agenda for this trip was to simply take the scenic route to Auckland and skate along the way. We escaped the back-to-back festivities of Wellington’s BOWL-A-RAMA week with a brimming van and with the Corona Airstream in pursuit we headed north. We made it there in the end, but the windy roads gave us a few hiccups along the way. Featuring Karl Truell, Ryan Wilson, Dan Gemmell, Jack Kirk, Bryce Golder and Tom Snape. As seen in Manual Magazine #53.

Created by Manual Magazine in association with Corona.

Produced and Directed by: David Read
Filmed and edited by: Leigh Bolton
Photography by: Jake Mein
Music: The Murlocs – Occupied

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